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(Archived) Huge single database file -- impossible to incrementally (diff) backup

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Hi all,


I have seen a similar rambling but I would like to make it to the point.


I just started using Evernote and I am finding it really useful. However, I just noticed that Evernote stores _all_ notes in a single file. I only have 7 notes so far but this will quickly become a deal breaker.


I do not want my notes to be in Evernote cloud so I use my own. This means that, in order to backup the notes, I have to upload the database every single time. When notes get to the GB size, this will simply be unfeasible as it will nto be possible to incrementally backup (I mean backup the differences to a previous backup).


(I use this with email and other apps: I keep archives under 100MB so that I am only backing up, every time, a small(-ish) file and not ALL my email. Old email will be already in the cloud wih no need to re-sync.)


Is this really so? Is it not possible to keep multiple databases so that old notes need not be re backed up? I really really hope not.


PS: I've seen people blaming SQLite. This is really not a valid technical reason...



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Yes it's really so.

If you really really really want to stop old notes from being backed up, then you can export them to one of their export formats, and then remove them from your account. Of course, you'll lose access to them.

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Hi Jeff Thanks for the sad news. Btw, I do want to keep a backup of all notes. What I dont want is to keep backing up all notes every time. For that, I need a way to back up only new notes -- those already backed up should not need to be uploaded every time.

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If the local backup size is the underlying reason for your concern, then subscribe to a off-site backup service like Carbonite. They will do the ongoing backups whenever there is a change in your data. They offer a monthly rate that is not affected by the size of the backup.


My Evernote .exb file is 6 GB (28,000 notes). I use Carbonite.

I also run local backups and keep the 3 most recent nightly copies, a couple of recent weeks, plus the 1st day copy  from the previous 6 months. Never had to use any of them, but it is nice just in case...

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