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(Archived) Cannot sync and cannot send report

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Every time I use my Evernote app and every time I save a note a pop up comes up saying it cannot sync and prompts me to send a report. I have tried to send the report but every time it just sits there forever with the spinning green circle until I get fed up!

I use the iPad 4 and iOS 7.

How can I get this issue fixed if I can't send the error report?



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Hi - have a search around the forum for more information,  but there's a thread here which suggests removing and re-installing the app:


To avoid losing your unsynced Notes before a reinstall.
1.) Export Note to your email.
2.) Do this for each unsynced note.
3.) You can then double-click on the .enex file on a different device to import it into your Evernote account.
... delete the app from your device and from iTunes.
Download the app to iTunes
Plug your device into your desktop computer and sync.
- If you want to raise a support ticket (remembering it's a holiday season) you can do so from the website - see below for a link.
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Thank you for the information.

This has been happening for a while now. I'd be petrified to delete the app as I save a lot of notes an don't know how to tell which are synced and which are not.

Thank you for the direction to the support page, I hadn't been able to find this info easily through the app.

Happy holidays :)

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