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(Archived) E-mailing notes to Evernote

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I use the e-mail in feature heavily but then I need to go in and clean up by adding tags and/or move notes to the right notebook. Is there any way - maybe by adding something in the subject line or first line of text that can either direct the e-mailed note straight to a named notebook or add a tag?

I may be missing something basic here - if so, please humour me and let me know the drill

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There isn't currently a way to do this automatically, although you could make a saved search for particular patterns that you add to the note yourself and then grab the results and make bulk changes on them.

E.g. you could put "_cooking" into the subject of your email and make a Saved Search for:


When you execute this search, it would select all such marked notes and you could then tag them all, move them all to a particular notebook, etc.

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I would also be interested in aditional features for emailing notes to evernote. Tagging or adding to a notebook based on user defined rules etc would be nice.

The search approach will help but please keep this in mind for future functionality.


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i also would love the ability to add tags directly while mailing.

I think the best way is to use it in the mail subject like this :

"do something #!action #@work"

this would add a note with the title "do something" with the tags "!action" and "@work"

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Does anybody know how long it take since you send the mail until you can see the note in Evernote?

I'm just began using the email address to send pdfs to evernote (2MB) and it seem to take hours.

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Once we receive the email, it typically only takes a minute or two to create a note. If it fails, you should receive a "that didn't work" reply email relatively quickly.

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For Free accounts, we'll accept attachments that use the Free file types: GIF, JPEG, PNG, MP3, WAV, AMR, PDF

If you're mailing into a Premium account, then XLS files should work ok as long as they're under 25MB.

If the server rejected your mail, you should have received an automated reject notice email. If you didn't get anything like that back, you might need to check in your Spam folders, etc.

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