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(Archived) Can see note summary, but not the actual details...

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Hi.  Whether on my iPhone or my PC, for one of the notes... I can see the preview of the note in the ALL NOTES section, but in the actual note to the right of it, I don't see any text!!!!  What gives???!?!?  It was a very important note for me!!!  HELP ME PLEASE!!  Is there any way to retrieve it??


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The note size shows as 12.25KB which says there are some contents,  even if they don't show up.  Have you tried using the web version via Evernote.com?  If you still don't see any content there, then submit a support ticket (see below).  It may take a while for a response at this time of year.  If you're a premium user,  you could also check your note history - and check the Trash notebook too,  just in case...

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I did check the trash... nothing there.  Whether in the PC app, the iPhone app, or the web version.  As for the 12.25kb, I think that's just the size of the attached thumbnail, not the note size.  Regardless, it's very strange that it shows a preview of note on the left, but nothing on the main note screen.  I submitted a ticket... let's see what happens.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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