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(Archived) Backing up my Local & Synced Notebooks





I have been making Local backups of my Evernote account by saving this folder:/Users/Saierlab/Library/Application Support/Evernote


to an external drive.


I just started a new notebook, and I anticipate it will be very media heavy. Im certain I will run out of bandwidth real fast, so I don't want this one syncing with Evernote online. Otherwise it will ***** over my more casual notebooks.


So I made this notebook LOCAL ONLY.


Heres my question..


If I keep making backups of this folder. Then one day I transfer this content to a new computer. And lets say my backup file is old, BUT all my non-local books have been synced properly on my online account.


Will this allow me to restore my LOCAL ONLY notebook, and fetch any new content on my Evernote account that may have been missed? Or will I be stuck at wherever my backup was made?



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Hi and welcome to the forums.  You can export your local notes (rather than backing up the folder) to an ENEX file. Then you could re-import them to a newly set-up and fully current database.  You will have two choices when establishing your account on a new machine - either install Evernote and then replace the new database folder with your most recent backup - which (AFAIK) will give you both your latest synced notes and your local notes - or set up your new computer,  install Evernote and then wait for the server copy of your notes to be downloaded.  That'll give you the synced ones but not the local only ones.  Then you'd need to do the import.  Your choices could be affected by the then current OS and Evernote versions,  which might not accept a replaced folder as a valid database.  They do now,  but in a year or two who knows.  Downloading the server copy of the database is usually the best option unless you have a humungously large number of synced notes.


Hope that helps!

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