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(Archived) Much needed Evernote feature

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Here's my Christmas wish list for the Evernote team. I would love a feature that would timecode any text typed in an Evernote note into a recorded audio file, much like Livescribe's Smartpen's do (without the location of the text needing to be copied). Basically, it would have two buttons to record an audio file: one recording audio only; another to capture time-stamped text from anything typed in the note section. On playback, you touch or point to the text and the audio file jumps to that point. I doesn't matter where the text is on the page, just that its tied to the audio.

Livescribe has a great set of products, but it's not native to Evernote. If you want to playback, it opens the Livescribe app. It doesn't make sense to use a pen and paper system that requires your iPad or Smartphone to record audio when I can just as easily type on the iPad itself while recording audio.

I'm confident this would be a major feature set...


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