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(Archived) (Archived) STACKS always expanded when I open EN


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EVERNOTEweb and on my Note3


STACKS always randomly expanded when I open EN!

ALSO when I create a new notebook stacks expand randomly!

?ALSO can I create a new notebook and put it directly into a stack?


I LOVE the idea of storing ""EVERYTHING"" (paperless) in one place!


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Do stacks appear open by default on both the Web AND your Note?

This may just be a quirk of using the web interface as unlike a native application in my not remember the whether your stack was open or closed between sessions. The web interface will, as with most web-based interfaces, have some quirks and limitations. Using a native application (for Mac or Windows) may be more reliable in this regard.

Unfortunately there is not a way to creat a new notebook within a stack. New notebooks appear outside of a stack and must be dragged to a stack afterward. This has been discussed elsewhere on the forum.

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