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(Archived) Free Upload Quota Explanation: Do Text Notes Count Against Quota?



I'm totally confused about my upload quota.


  1. If i add a typewritten (text) note to Evernote, does that count against my upload quota?
  2. Then, if I edit said text note, that counts as an addition to my quota, too?
  3. Is my upload quota affected by the fact that I have Evernote on 3 devices, all synced?  My Mac, an iPhone, and an iPad?  Does that triple the amount of space I'm using?
  4. So, typing in a note from the keyboard is called an upload to the web, as well as to my device?

  5. Or can I type something in to Evernote on my computer, and not have it count as an upload?

  6. Why didn't I get an email alert telling me I've gone over my monthly quota?


    I have gone over my quota for the month, but never got an alert.  Yesterday, I added a note (by using the keyboard) to Evernote on my Mac.  Later, I noticed the note wasn't on my iPhone.  This morning, I noticed the note wasn't on any of my devices.  I just don't understand how this works.



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Note content that you add to your account, whether by web clipping, typing, or copy/pasting into a note count against your upload limit, if they reside in a normal, synched notebook. If you modify a note, and it's synched to the Evernote servers, that counts against your upload limit. Use of your account on different devices doesn't count -- those are synched down to the various devices as need be, so they don't count against your upload limit.

If you are a premium user, you can have local (i.e. unsynched) notebooks on desktop clients (Mac, Windows), which, since they are not synched to the Evernote servers, do not count against your upload limit. On the other hand, they are also not available on shared devices (since there's no way for that content to get to a different device other than via sharing).

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