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(Archived) Can I install EN 5.4.3 on my iPad 4 on iOS 7.0.4 jailbroken?


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I know I may need appsync for that installation, but I am not sure if that works as the .ipa I've got may not support iOS 7.


Is there any other way to install 5.4.3? 


I am fine with the new look; I just need the pre-set style tools desperately.

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I'm not sure it's OK to speak to non-app store copies of the app.

But you might infer your answer if I say that it's entirely fine to install any previous version of Evernote for iOS.

The trick for most people is that they need to have kept a copy of that.

Which means that when itunes on the desktop downloads updates, it puts the current version in the trash.  Each file is uniquely named.  So you can in fact grab the deleted copies out of the trash and store them somewhere.

If you decide you need to revert, you can delete the current version and reinstall the saved copy you recovered from your trash.

I have many historical versions kept for Evernote and other apps.

The trick is, that your saved app is only applicable for you.  It's wrapped in encryption and tied to your app store account.


The option isn't available to you if you've been updating Evernote on the iphone/ipad itself.

So though it's redundant I do both.  I always update on the iphone/ipad for convenience.  And though I almost never sync to itunes, I still fetch all the updates in itunes, and store the deleted apps recovered from the trash.

It takes little effort, and sometimes pays off.

Side issue, but there are two benefits to syncing to iTunes.

  1. software updates don't require 3GB free like OTA updates
  2. if encryption is enabled in the local desktop backups, doing a restore from itunes, rather than over the air, restores all your wifi and other passwords.  Apple doesn't want to be responsible for knowing and storing your passwords, so icloud backups don't contain and restore these.


So after saying all that.  Imagine the same process if your Evernote note app didn't have the fairplay encryption wrapper and thus was unsigned. Your iphone would need to be jailbroken to run unsigned apps.

For me... The iOS ecosystem may be a walled garden, but it's an awfully nice safe place to live...

To your question, because you can do a thing, doesn't equate to it being something prudent to do.

Feature requests and beta participation/feedback might be a slower but surer route to success.

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