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(Archived) Script Creates Evernote Note & Calendar Reminder with Link



I’ve come up with an Applescript that will save a document to Evernote and also create a Calendar event as a reminder to follow-up in seven days.  The Calendar entry also contains a link to the note.  If you use Evernote on an iOS device, the link will open Evernote and the note.


The script was created for use with Hazel, but could be modified to function as a folder action.


In order to use the Applescript as is, you need to create the following:


A folder named “Save PDF to Inquiries” in ~/Library/PDF Services/


A Calendar called “To Do” in the Calendar application.  The event created by the Applescript will be an all day event.  I have the default alarm for all day events set at 9:00am in Calendar preferences.


Create a notebook in Evernote called "Inquiries"


In the print dialog, select "Save PDF to Inquiries" from the PDF drop down menu to start the process.


I’m not a coder, so what this Applescript achieves could likely have been done in a much more efficient manner.  Please feel free to make suggestions.







Hazel Rule





Evernote Inquiry.scpt

on hazelProcessFile(theFile)
tell application "System Events"
display dialog "Enter Note Title" default answer ""
set noteTitle to text returned of result

tell application id "com.evernote.Evernote"
delay 5

create note from file theFile notebook {"Inquiries"} title {noteTitle} tags {"Inquiry"}

set worklogs to find notes "tag:Inquiry"
set newestLog to item 1 of worklogs
repeat with worklog in worklogs
if creation date of worklog is greater than creation date of newestLog then
set newestLog to worklog
end if
end repeat
delay 2
set noteURL to note link of newestLog
delay 2
end tell

tell application "Calendar"
tell calendar "To Do"
set theDate to ((current date) + 7 * days)
set newEvent to make new event at end with properties {description:"Evernote Inquiry", summary:"EN: " & noteTitle, start date:theDate, end date:theDate, url:noteURL, allday event:true, status:confirmed}
end tell
end tell
end tell
end hazelProcessFile

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