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Using Evernote and camera to record serial numbers...

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I have been meaning to write down the serial numbers on things I own for sometime now. Instead of writing it down with pen and paper I used EN and took a photo of them.


For example on our appliances I took a photo of the model/serial number tag. Same with other electronic devices such as TV's and computers, kids xbox etc... 


A lot of these tags have a lot more info on them besides the serial number too. A quick snap of it with my iPhone camera using EN and I'm done. :)


Also added photos of each room in our house so I would have some kind of record of things we had in case of theft or fire. 


I'm sure this is not a new idea by any means, but just wanted to share...

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It may not be a completely new idea but it's a great one ! Other advantages of having pictures of the serial numbers and model numbers include not having to crawl around behind the televison when you need to program the new universal remote and, my favorite, being able to zoom in on the picture when I can't find my reading glasses.

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This is one of my favorite uses for Evernote. I use it at work to snap a picture of the front of each server (they're labeled) in our server room, along with its information card. Each server gets its own note, and in there we also jot down any relevant info (RAM upgrades, problem parts, etc.). It gives us a complete history of anything that had to do with that server during its entire life, right at our fingertips at all time. I brag about Evernote every time support for this or that comes in and we can pull up the item's entire history with us :)

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