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(Archived) Unable to clip or attach complete web pages

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I've deleted the original in the windows forum and thought better to post this in the general forum because I have the issue with both web and windows versions

I think I need to ask a better question - maybe I'm expecting something that hasn't been fully implemented yet.

I am using Internet explorer and the clipper app that goes with it.

I am expecting to be able to press the "clip to evernote button" or Tools/Add to Evernote menu item and get the complete webpage into a note. However when I do this all the formatting is lost, I sometimes get HTML code and colour maps and also lose some but not all images.

1....should this work properly or is it still in development?

2....If not with IE, does it work properly with another browser?

3....If it does work, what am I doing wrong?

The nearest I've come to adding a nearly complete page is to save the page as HTML then add it as an attachemnt to the note. However even then I lose some images. If I add it as content to the note then all formatting goes.

I tried with .mht but the note came out worse.

I was initially seeing this on Evernote's api html doc but I now see that virtually every web page has this issue.

Am I missing something or is this feature not quite there yet?


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Many web pages are drawn with a mix of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and plugins which make the page more of a composite "application" than a document. Evernote currently clips the HTML content of the page which you have selected, or the whole page if you have no selection. We don't try to pull in and maintain all of the other dynamic content on the web page for a combination of portability and security reasons. E.g. we don't want random code running in your notes that might cause mischief or violate your privacy. Your notes should be stable for years in Evernote.

If you really want a pixel-level reproduction of the layout you see on the screen instead of preserving the content of the web page you're viewing, I'd recommend printing the page to a PDF and put that into Evernote instead. The PDF is a read-only view of the layout of the web page, not the contents.

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I still find it's really a shame that Evernote webpage full and partial clipping is soo deceiptful, to say the least.

So far I'm using the Scrapbook plugin for Firefox (which saves perfect copies of the webpages for offline viewing) and Read it later, which saves perfect copies for online and offline viewing on iphone.

I would like to do the same with Evernote. Other tools do it, why not Evernote ?

Yes, right, security reasons. Why do you decide for me of my security needs ? What I want is perfect copies. Period. I'm willing to accept the inherent security risks.

Isn't it possible to put these options in Evernote preferences ? Let me choose by myself.

The bad quality of clipping is the only reason why I'm not using Evernote at the moment.

Hope you'll improve this. Evernote seems to be a great product.

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