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(Archived) REQUEST: home screen panels sliders and contents

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I am a premium user and a happy one :-)

I use EN all the time, but I do not understand how the home screen panels work and what rules decides what appears on the shortcuts and notebooks panels.


It would be nice to be able to choose which shortcut and which notebooks are there, because the latest ones are not necessarily the ones one needs to access on a regular basis. 


Also, it would be great--as this is much in fashion nowadays in smartphones apps--to be able to make the panels slide, especially the "main" note panel.


By this I mean slide the panel so that you can display the former notes. For example, the 2 most recently modified notes are on display by default (if I am not mistaken), then sliding the notes panel to the left would show the 3rd and 4th, etc. notes so I do not have to open the whole note screen with the 1600 notes I have there. 


I hope this contributes to this great app!


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