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(Archived) image display not proportional or scalable




I imported an image and then opened it in preview to change its color, saved it and went back to EN. The image was there but not scaled, ie. if I made the window narrower, it just stayed as high but got narrower which would turn into an unreadable sausage. 

Then I found a wizard dance  ;) : go on fullscreen mode and then quit and reopen. Now the image is there, but full-blown. Since I am going to use it for high res printing purposes, the image is 3000 pixels and I only a small part of it is displayed. 

If there a way to have the image displayed so that is fits the window it is in while maintaining its proportions (i.e. for ex. an originally 900 x 600 would appear as a 300 x 200 on a 300px wide window)?


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