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(Archived) Re-sizing images attached to notes


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I have been working on one long knowledge management note for a year.


I have inserted multiple images in over the past year and resize the images to fit the note and make for ease of readability.


After a month or so of not working on my note, I log in today, try to insert/attach an image and notice that I can not resize that image after attaching/inserting, nor can I resize any of the images I have inserted over the past year.


The random editing changes (e.g., getting of a save button, now this re-sizing issue) have me seriously considering whether this is a good long term knowledge management tool for me.


The capricious nature with which wholesale changes are made is frightening.


Is there no longer a way to change image size?



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Very strange, I have a Note with receipt, pictures snapped with EN Page Camera all december long.

After doing an "export attachments" what I see in my folder is

img_20131202_085956.100~01.jpgIMG_20131205_094705.790.jpgIMG_20131212_101752.528.jpgIMG_20131214_100044.290.jpgIMG_20131217_083122.949.jpgImmagine                    Snapped on december 23thImmagine [2]                Snapped on december 18th

Immagine and Immagine [2] are both stored inside EN Android with the same name "Immagine", but once saved on Windows it's impossible know when the picture was snapped (no date in the file name, no exif data).


In this case I can edit all these 7 images.


What makes me mad about Evernote is this random behaviour :(  .

quoted guneshasan2000I am using google chrome on pcİs there any way that i can resize the images in notes?I am using google chrome on pc

I don't believe it's possibile on EN Web: you have to download the image and upload it again; or use the Windows version

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Very nice bug; how to mess images up.


Now (on Windows Client) I've discovered if I drag and drop the single image onto the desktop (image snapped in the last few days), the jpg extension is added, but if i drag and drop onto EN again (even changing its name) the extension in lost again.  I have to edit the image in some way, but with what? (picasa saves it, the gimp open and export it, but they are only workarounds.


I hope it's an EN duty to clean this mess.  Images are on their servers, so they can work on them.

They cannot?   Ok, next client's release should do the check and the work.

:angry: regards. :unsure:  

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