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(Archived) E-hoarding and Evernote

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I liked this article in Ars Technica -- this is essentially what I have been doing for the last few years, though my "sentimental" stuff tends to be composed of dead trees.



Just a side note: in the comments someone suggested backing stuff up because cloud services occasionally lose data. True. But, it should be noted that Evernote keeps all of the data on your computer. Even if their servers are teleported away by the Judoon, you'll have all of your data. That said, you'll want to keep an extra backup just in case.


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Before I was born, my father was in the navy for 20 years and my family moved 18 times in those 20 years. I think that must have kept my mother in check. However, by the time I helped my parents dismantle the house I grew up (lived there until I was about 24), there were piles and piles of magazines in the attic, Ladies Home Journal, Family Circle, Redbook, that my mother was always going to clip the recipes out of. Whenever she'd sit down to try, she'd end up reading the magazines. If the man who bought the house hadn't said he'd love to have that treasure trove, we'd still be sorting. I think he just wanted us out!

I saw myself beginning to do that and it was scary. I do not allow myself to buy magazines, but the books were a problem until recently. Even before Evernote, I'd started to use my Mac's print to pdf capability to safe articles. I'd tried a few other programs that purported to organize pdfs. I'm still not entirely comfortable with even the digital hoarding but, at least it doesn't take up as much room and I can often find things. Related notes can be quite astonishing to me in what it surfaces.

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