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windows (Archived) Evernote Release Notes Improvements

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New windows version

Evernote for Windows Release Notes


  • Individual note downsync. For example, if you clip a new webclip, you can download just the new webclip without doing a full sync
  • Branded premium dialogs







Individual note downsync:I can't find any button/menu about it


Branded premium dialogs: what's it about?

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I imagine it's the Marketing Guy explaining how the new app is going to be quicker and sleeker than ever before.  I don't think you'll have a button for either of these improvements.  I just downloaded the new version too - when I get chance to play I'll let you know...

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The first one is for example, if you click "Open in Evernote" from the Chrome webclipper and have it set to open in the Windows client.


The second is that when we suggest you upgrade to premium, that dialog looks pretty and matches our new "Evernote Premium" branding

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5.1 - Not a GA release?


It is my understanding that Evernote uses the following release schedule.

  • Internal Build
  • Pre-release
  • Public Beta
  • RC (release candidate)
  • Public Release
  • GA (general availability)

I have considered the GA (general availability) to be the Gold Standard for users who want maximum data safety.


Why is this release just a Public Release and not the top-of-the-line GA release? More testing needed?

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A public release is a public release: a release to the public. GA, as far as I know, precedes that in the run up to public release (see, e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle). There is no "Gold Standard", with Evernote, nor in the world at large.


*Sigh* After getting burned with some past Evernote betas, I still consider the public release to be the "Gold Standard".


And yes, I do know about the risks involved in accepting betas. That is why I now let other users unearth the problems first. I have the current version scheduled for installation 2 months from now, on Feb. 20, 2014.


But as you indicated in a previous post listing many of the 5.0 upgrades, there are still a lot of bugs even with the public releases that have gone through the internal QC checks and multiple beta reviews.

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I was excited by an upgrade, but  :(  still:

- note title disappears when scrolling a note,

- shortcuts bar still missing, 


>>> at last took time to reinstall 4.6.7. (8409)


and I'm happy again  :)

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