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(Archived) Lost notes

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Hello everyone,


I checked around in the forum, apparently not many people lost notes, but I indeed experienced two notes loss recently, one this morning and they are important ones. I can barely believe it...


I'm not a premium user, but wonder if I can find the notes back?


This makes me want to completely stop using Evernote, especially I can reply on it take down all my ideas and inspirations..


Thank you in advance for your kind advice and help.

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Hi.  It's obviously dangerous to rely solely on new or unfamiliar software to take essential notes.  Note loss isn't an issue at all for me,  nor for most people who use this app - the thing to be careful of is tapping the wrong button,  or not tapping the 'save and exit' button,  depending on what version of Evernote you're using.  If the notes were synced to the server,  you may find them in the web version of Evernote.  If they were accidentally deleted,  you may find them in the Trash notebook.  But if the notes were typed but not saved,  so they do not exist on your local device and are obviously not on the server,  then there is very little hope that they can be recovered.  You could try making a support request (see below) but I don't think there's anything to find.

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