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(Archived) Evernote and Dictionary.com

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'Other' online dictionaries may indeed have that feature,  but Evernote doesn't pretend to be an online dictionary.  It's an interesting idea though - prime territory for an Evernote add-in by an independent developer maybe?

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I wasn't suggesting Evernote was an online dictionary.  Dictionary.com is an online dictionary.   The suggestion is that Evernote reach out to the largest on-line dictionary platform and partner with it.  Oxford English Dictionary, for instance, has integrated with Evernote (you can "share" a word and its definition with Evernote), but it has a small user base, whereas Dictionary.com's is immense.  I have made the suggestion to Dictionary.com, which is, I expect, where action would come from.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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