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2.7.1 bug with SFTP upload/ copied URLs.


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Hi All,


I just updated to Skitch 2.7.1 last night. Now when I goto share my images via SFTP upload the URL that skitch gives me to share is invalid.  This translates into the URL erroring in a 404 as the link that skitch places in my clipboard does not actually point to the location of where the file has been uploaded. 


Let's do an example:

URL that Skitch gives me: http://something.com/something/FILE_NAME_PNG

URL to the actual file: http://something.com/something/FILE_NAME.PNG


Note the period before the file exstension is being converted to an underscore which is not correct!  I've been able to replicate this issue at will with both of the SFTP sites that were previously just working, I have not adjusted the settings in anyway.


Does anyone else see this?  Evernote dudes: Awsome product, but please fix this... I use the SFTP feature mutiple times a day.


I'm on 10.8.5 if that matters.  Please contact me if you guys need additional information to get this resovled.




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