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mac Simple text highlighting for PDFs in Skitch/Evernote, similar to the Clearly Highlighter?

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With Evernote Clearly, I can use the Highlighter to highlight text on a webpage. The highlighted text stands out nicely. Clearly's text highlighting is nice and simple.




However, Clearly cannot annotate PDFs, but Skitch and Evernote can. Do Skitch or Evernote provide a simple highlighting tool similar to Clearly's Highlighter? I see that Skitch and Evernote have a marker icon which does 'free form' highlighting, but the marker is messy and I need a neater tool which simply highlights the text, similar to the Clearly Highlighter.


Basically, I'm looking for a note taking and annotating tool which works consistantly for webpages, PDFs and potentially eBooks. Unicorns are optional.


Thank you,


-= Stefan

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Stefan - You can hold down the SHIFT key while drawing a highlight and it will be straight. 

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That is great advice with the shift key. But how do you accomplish the sme goal when annotating on an iPad?

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