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(Archived) Newbie is confused about Joined Notebooks and Exporting...

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I hope someone can help me - I've been searching for answers on how to solve my issue, and I haven't gotten anywhere...


My client as 2 free accounts and has decided she wants to get rid of one of them. The one she wants to get rid of has 2 notebooks, one of them a Joined Notebook, both with tons of files in them. I need to get all of her notes over into her other account, but cannot locate an Export feature anywhere. Is that a Premium feature? How should I approach this problem?


I'd be so grateful for some help on this, as I am getting nowhere fast... :/


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Check under the File menu in a desktop version for the Export menu.  Actually the best way to 'move' notes between accounts is probably just to share the notebooks from one to the other.  Beware that if one account has tons of notes and you export those notes and reimport them again,  they count as new uploads against that account.  Do you have enough space to do that?


If you need more help,  please say which Evernote client you're using.

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Thanks for replying, and I'll make sure she understands that they'll count towards her new uploads number.


Re sharing the notes - Her goal is to delete the account after moving the files (wouldn't that delete the files since it's their main "home"?)


I'm accessing her account via my PC - and do not see any 'File' menu despite looking everywhere for it!

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The shared notes are part of the account they're shared from.  If that account is deleted,  or the notes are deleted from the account,  then all the shares will disappear too (unless notes have been copied into another notebook by the person on the other end of the share).


If you're looking at her account you must be using a web browser.  That doesn't have an export option,  it's only there in the desktop version.  Have a look at your own account on a PC to see the menus.

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