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(Archived) Wish - Color-coded or "Visual" attributes

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I'd love to be able to add color-coding to notes. I imagine something similar to the way Macs allow you to color-code files in Finder.

This would serve as another attribute that would allow me to categorise notes in a different way. When I select a tag and see all the notes it represents, I'd love some notes to have an ability to stand out among the others. At the moment I work around this by playing with the subject/creation date field so such notes always appear at the top or bottom in list view. Another workaround I tried but dropped was tagging these "stand-out" notes with numbers (1,2,3 etc) as a proxy for importance. It just didn't feel right.

Would be interested to hear other's thoughts.



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Second the request for more color-coding in the interface. On the web version, all the notebook names in the list are green, all the tags are gray, etc. A Gmail-style color labeling system would be ideal here. It would also be cool if the color assigned to a tag or notebook would show up as a background behind the thumbnails in the list.

I place notes in half a dozen different notebooks during the day, all day long, and I use the All Notebooks view a lot. It would be nice to have *some* sort of cue, and color-coding seems a natural fit, as to which notebook a particular note is in. Color-coded tags on top of that would be a nice bonus.

Evernote is a great product, I'm a Premium subscriber, you guys are doing nice work, keep it up!


-- Scott

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I think this would be a nice touch, too. IRL, I use color coding a lot. I'm trying to go as paperless as possible, but sometimes you need to hang on to those hard copies. I use things like colored folders or even dabs of bright pink/red nail polish for many things. (IE, on those electrical plugs that can only go in a certain way, I put a dab of nail polish on the side that goes up - I do this with computer cables, too.)

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Adding my second to the two other seconds -

In the browser version (all I use), I'd love for the tags themselves to have editable colours. As they are all blue, they all appear equal. A colour table added to the tag edit menu would be perfect.

I also think this would keep things looking cleaner than colour coding the whole item. Of course this only applies to the list view, which I personally prefer.



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