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(Archived) (Archived) Where does the location services information come from?


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I'm looking at the titles from some of my evernotes with location services turned on in Android. And the locations are not very good, if not silly.


Where does the data of the named places come from?


Is there a way to edit it to improve it for my own notes or for everyone?

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I tend not to use that feature,  but the locations will come from your physical location,  reminders,  diary entries or any other relevant (or irrelevant) data the app can find.  I have seen comments that if you persevere with it (and presumably correct any errors),  the fit gets better with time. No personal experience though.  Keep your diary up to date and make sure you put in all your travels and things may improve.

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Oh that's interesting and it makes sense assuming there is that much work going on to determine location.


I ask because when I make a new note in Evernote Android, the suggested location is a weird comment about what I assume is a nearby place. I assumed this comment, used as my location name, was from a yelp review or a google maps addition. 

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