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Evernote Scansnap Business Card Scan

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I just bought the evernote scansnap scanner and I have been scanning a lot of business cards.  I have the business card scans going to the same folder that i scan business cards from my iphone (which I have setup to automatically download the contact info to my contacts).  The contacts I scan from scansnap do not end up in my contacts on my iphone but do when I scan a business card from my iphone.  Are the business cards scans from the scansnap suppose to download into my iphone contacts like I have described?

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Are you using the Evernote app with your iPhone when you scan the business cards or another app.


When I use EN with the document camera on my iPhone to scan a business card it does not add the info into my iPhone contacts so I'm wondering how to do this or if it's a feature of another app you are using.

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I am using the ios Evernote app.  When you go to the camera to make a note in ios, swipe twice to the right to scan a business card.  If you let evernote have access to your contacts and adjust the settings to save business card contact info in the app, the contact info from the business card scan will automatically download into your contacts.  

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Oh, ok I had not used that feature yet on my iPhone to scan any business cards yet. I have since tried it on my iPhone and sure enough it works just like you said.

I'm still waiting to receive my scansnap scanner so I'm not able to help you out there, but wanted to thank you for pointing out how the iPhone works for scanning business card and adding the contact info to my phones contact list, very slick!


Maybe another member can help answer your questions about the scansnap and business card info being adding to your iPhone contacts.


I will be sure to check it out once I receive my scanner and report back if there are no other replies before then.



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Ok, just got my ScanSnap S1300i and only have about a hour or so of experiance with it so far.

But this is what I have found scanning business cards.


I scan a card and the scanner options come up and I select Cardiris.

I see the card I scanned and the text info filled in correctly. 


At first I could not figure out how to save a card I scanned.


The manual I was reading online for Cardiris says to use the, "Save All Cards" button or find it under the file menu.



Did not see the "Save all Cards" button on my copy of Cardiris and when I tried to close Cardiris it would ask me if I was sure because nothing had been saved.


After some searching I found under 'Settings' I could change the format to 'Address Book'.

Then under 'Process' I clicked on 'Export All Card'. 


After that point I was able to close Cardiris without it telling me I had unsaved work. I was also then able to find the card info in my Macbook Contacts.


At the top under, Cardiris for ScanSnap you can also select 'Preferences' and then there is a check box for "Create a new AddressBook group when saving cards".


Hope that helps.

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I purchased the $500 ScanSnap Evernote Edition to scan business cards and export them into my CRM. This system does not support this workflow. In fact, per the above thread, the iOS feature to sync to Apple's Contacts does not work if the card is coming from the ScanSnap - it only works with the camera on the phone. This is a pretty disastrous $500 purchase. 

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