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Lots of Network and HTML junk from Web Clipper



I'm a web developer and use the Chrome dev tools a lot. Just today (was there a web clipper update?) I'm noticing multiple iframes embedded into every webpage from the web clipper and a ton of entries in my Network panel related to the web clipper. Also a few console warnings.


What is going on? All those things make my work just that much harder.

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I also find this very annoying. My web dev tools are riddled with requests from evernote.


Until they are all removed I can't really find myself using evernote.


Also the new clipper is way past understanding and I really don't mean how it shows or clips. It's just convoluted... please note that I don't clip everything I see and hardly remember what each button do.

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I am also noticing that these iframes seem to be occasionally rendered very briefly before a page loads. Seems to generally happen once per new tab.  Sometimes but not always reproducible. Very annoying.


Web Clipper 6.0.8 in Chrome version 31.0.1650.63 on Mac OS 10.7.5

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This continues to be a problem. Evernote scripts are throwing exceptions because 'Browser.addMessageHandlers is not a function' when running in mobile spoofing mode. I run Chrome with halt on exceptions so I can quickly detect problems, and I'd prefer not to have to disable Evernote or resume all the exceptions.

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I've been lurking this forum post for a while now, but seems like no action has been taken. I have to use an alternate browser (with Web Clipper installed) whenever I need something to be clipped. 


This is really a shame because otherwise, Evernote is a great product. Part of the responsibility lies with Google. I don't think end users should be able to debug your addons, or throw JS errors into your console. 

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11 minutes ago, Asken12345 said:

Yeah... I'm not using Evernote anymore. Problem solved and there are better tools out there.

Thank you for continuing to participate in the Evernote forums?  ?

Can you share with us the name of the product you switched to, and the pros and cons?

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