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(Archived) navigate to notebook from note

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The single most troublesome part of working with Evernote for me is not having a simple way to get from viewing a note in (all) Notes to viewing that same note in the notebook it is filed under so I can look at the other notes in that notebook.


For example, my most recently updated note is "something about subject X" and I can see I've got it in the notebook "X factors".  however, if I want to see what else I've got stored in that notebook, I have to go over to the far left and scroll and scroll looking for it.  As one who has worked with hierarchical systems quite a bit, I expect the relationship between the stack and notebook tree and the snippet or note list to behave like windows explorer or most database management tools.  A double click on a snippet should move the stack and notebook focus to the relevant location -- well, no, for evernote, I'd rather have the double click assigned to opening the note in a new window and have the right click context menu include "jump to (containing) notebook."


On my smartphone, Android, the problem is magnified since the scrolling is that much more tedious.  

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The relationship between a note and its notebook is not particularly hierarchical -- it's more one of containment. In software development, an item need not know what container it lives in; similarly, if you're editing a document of sorts (e.g. a WOrd document), there's no easy way to get back to its containing directory.

All that being said, I can see where this would be handy, sure. In the Windows client, you can use the Alt+Shift+N shortcut key to move you to the notebook selector for search, and just start typing the notebook's name. Not a simple one-step, though.

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