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(Archived) Any way to reassign dates to reminders with fewer clicks?

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I am trying to get away from using Google Calendar as a to-do tool, but it is so convenient.  I make an "all day" event in the right day, and if it doesn't get completed, I just drag it to the new date.  Done.


I'd prefer to use evernote for this, for a variety of reasons, but changing the date takes at least 4 clicks, and I have to do that for multiple tasks some days.  Is there any way around this?  Maybe this is a feature request...


I may have to go back to the GTD tag system (1now, 2next, etc)  but I would prefer the checklist with dates.



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If Google calendar works for you,  why change?  Evernote can be made to work,  but it's always a compromise unless and until they get reminders Mk2 up and running..  I use lots of external software and apps.  Whatever works.

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For two reasons - I like being able to have the relevant data attached to the dated task, and my calendar is already so full of appointments that adding tasks sometimes makes it unworkably cluttered.  But I see what you're both saying...


Gazumped, what is MK2?

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