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(Archived) Syncing between Penultimate and Evernote doesn't work

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I have both Penultimate & Evernote on my iPad (iOS7).


I created a drawing in Penultimate.  It is set to sync with my Evernote account & it is connected to wifi and 3G.  I have tapped the bottom right corner circular arrows to sync many times and in the Settings it reads that I have synced most recently at the current time.


But I go into Evernote on my iPad and the note is simply not there.  There is a Penultimate notebook in Evernote which I "think" I didn't create, so a connection was somehow made to create the Notebook for me in Evernote.  However no syncing of notes occurs.


Is something wrong or did I understand the whole Evernote-Penultimate syncing erroneously?  I take it that Evernote takes written notes and picture notes and that Penultimate was a buddy app to add the scribbled note capability to Evernotes.

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Ay caramba!  I just found it!  I managed to draw into the bottom of the Penultimate welcome note!  So my drawing is sitting at the bottom of the welcome note in penultimate and thus if I select it and scroll down in Evernote, I can see it.  


Of course I don't want it there.  Is there an easy way to get it out and onto a new note?

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