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(Archived) Had to crash Evernote during large sync, now EN leaks 100% of my RAM, never loads.

Dave the Painting Guy


I was trying to archive a Mac iMessage/Messages chat that included photos (apparently large) to Evernote. To my knowledge it never went through, due to the EN app hanging, but not quite crashing. I saw that my available system RAM bottomed out at 10MB, so I crashed everything and started over.

After restarting, I opened a RichText App and was able to Copy/Paste and Save to it, so my archive is saved, just not in EN.


The RichText file, with pictures, is 28MB. Is that too large for EN?


I am on a MacBook Pro 17" i7 with 8GB of RAM, running Mountain Lion 10.8.5. When my system is completely loaded after a restart, I have a little less than 6GB RAM available according to the App "FreeMemory," which, if you're not familiar with it, displays available RAM in the menu bar of the Mac, and allows you to free-up RAM.


If I restart my Mac normally, then launch ONLY Evernote, I can watch the App load, then I get the "spinning beachball of death" and I can watch the RAM display drop from 5GB+ down to 10MB (nothing!) in under 60 seconds, while doing nothing. It never really crashes, but it slows my computer to a geriatric snail's pace. Eventually I have to force-quit the computer.

I have completely (to my knowledge) uninstalled Evernote, following these instructions, and then reinstalled the latest EN (Mac 5.4.4) and restarted the computer, then EN, only to have exactly the same thing. Somewhere in there I did a Repair Permissions, twice, using Disk Utility.


I am wondering:

Is there a location on my computer where an upload queue might have stored and/or queued my large, 28MB file, even in a corrupt state, and it's trying to load-then-sync this file? If so, can anyone tell me where to look to "unclog" this pipeline, or offer any other clues as to how to solve this odd problem? It's hard to narrow anything down as I only get the "spinning beachball of death."

​Evernote has become 100% unable on my Mac, but I can still use it from my iPad and iPhone.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Does sound like your App has got it's knickers in a twist.


The best bet is probably to contact support - I'm fairly sure that they'll tell you to delete the app and all your data and then reinstall and do a fresh download from the service. One complication to this can be if you have any local notebooks, these are obviously only stored on your machine so you may want support to give you the correct procedure for a reinstall in these circumstances.


28mb is fine for a single note, so it does sound like some kind of specific mess.

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