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(Archived) Copies of notes in different notebooks?

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I get that you can have different views or collections of notes via saved searches. However, my main issue is not so much seeing the notes in various groupings myself, but presenting these to others via public notebooks. My thought is that I have a public notebook to share with members of my daughter's preschool, whose url I reveal only to those members. But I might also want to include some of these in a public notebook that I would post the url to publicly. Right now my only thought is to simply copy all the contents of the note and create a new note that duplicates it and put it in the other notebook. Is that the only way? There's no "copy note" feature, you can only move a note from one notebook to another. Just wondering how others might approach this. Ideally I think it might be nice to be able to display a note in more than one notebook, but I understand this would be a major change to the data model of Evernote and might bring up additional issues. I just feel like duplicating the contents is so klunky and of course when you then search for it, it comes up twice, and you might presumably have to manage two seperate copies of the same info, if you needed to change things. Anyway, curious as to how others have dealt with this issue...

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