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(Archived) Feature request: Add same view options to Windows Version

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Hi Giln, welcome to the forum :)

The first thing you ask for, the vertical list view is something that you can achieve already in the Windows client. (It was actually first in the Windows client, but wasn't ever really made well known, for whatever reason...)

You can find the vertical list view either by:

- Using the Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift +F5


- Holding Shift while clicking list view in the view options next to the search box:

As for your second request, yes. The Reminders aren't in the list view, for whatever reason. I don't know why or when (if?) they may be added.


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Thanks Scott. Much appreciated. Good to know that I can get a vertical list, although it's strangely hidden :)


I do hope that they add Reminders to the list view as it's my preferred viewing method because of the ability to quickly change the sorting. Thanks again. -Gil

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