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Feature request: keyboard shortcut to change note's notebook

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You can change the notebook from the note header - click on the notebook name for a dropdown of the available options.  Not a keyboard shortcut I know,  but in this case the number of keypresses to get to a window or field with a 'change' option,  then to find the correct alternative notebook and assign it to the note would seem to be far more than the effort to mouseclick something onscreen.

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I agree with the OP.  A shortcut is needed (naturally with autocomplete).  Reaching for the mouse to assign a notebook each time is a major break in flow. 

Shortcut should be [F4] which would give the following workflow:

[F2] Change note name
[F3] Add tags
[F4] Move to notebook.


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I found a shorcut work around B) but it involves navigating your note "away" to a different notebook.  Perhaps I'm just being stupid.  In fact I am a bit stupid.  but I suspect this might work:


from within a note


Press ALT and let go


   your menu should light up


Press N


  Note sub-menu should pop-up


Press V


  "MoVe to Notebook"


  this will give you some Notebooks you can move your note to


CURSOR DOWN to your desired notebook and press RETURN


    Problem is now your note goes away (!).  So you need to navigate...


Press F2 - TAB - TAB and CURSOR UP works for me


    It depends how you have your navigation views open though. 

    I tend to be in "All Notes" but it might be different if you're working on a specific Notebook

    you might have to do a bit of juggling around :huh:


I would like to see an [F4] shortcut key please!








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Upcoming 6.2 Beta 1 has two new shortcuts:

Alt+Shift+M invokes Note / Move to Notebook dialog which allows you to move currently selected notes into another notebook.

Alt+Shift+B invokes Note Info / [Notebook V] button Notebook Picker which allows you to move the note into another notebook.

UIs above are somewhat redundant, however the first one allows you to move more than one note and the second one is available in the Single Note View.

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