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How can I lock my evernote note

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Hi and welcome to the forums.  Due respect,  but if you're in a group sharing the same user name and password you're going to have major problems anytime now.  Your only safeguards are:

  • get a reference backup of your database now
  • check for 'conflicting changes' regularly
  • if you're not already a premium member then you should consider it urgently - there's a 'note history' where you can step back changes if necessary 
  • check the trash notebook regularly for deletions (they aren't included in note history)
  • consider everyone having their own free account and sharing one notebook with everyone else*
  • consider Evernote Business which allows separate users and shares a 'library' of common notes

* Evernote have recently started allowing free users one share with edit privileges.  If the leader of your group keeps a copy of the shared notes in a private notebook as well as sharing the originals you can all see them,  and use the shared notebooks as a way to discuss and collaborate on suggested changes.

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Hi imperative,


another suggestion:

  • Create a second Evernote Account.
  • Create a notebook within this Account.
  • Put your "locked" notes in this notebook.
  • Share this notebook as readonly with your "Group-Evernote-Account".

Result: No one with access to the Group-Evernote-Account will be able to delete/change the notes of the shared notebook.


By the way: Sharing an Evernote Account is a funny idea to me... :-)


Kind regards,



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By the way: Sharing an Evernote Account is a funny idea to me... :-)

Why? I do this and share notebooks between my personal account and my work account. Makes things a lot easier to access my software development library (on my personal account) and work items on my work account when I am working at home.
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Hi Jefito,


I use EN for professional issues too. But I simple share Notebooks - not the EN-Account itself as imperative has mentioned. This is a big difference to me.

Even at work I have "personal" notes, that are important for my work and I store them into "my" EN-Account.

So I can't see the advantage for sharing the whole EN-account instead of some notebooks.

So that's the reason why I found (and still find) this idea funny :-)


In fact, I use two (paid) EN-Accounts: one for professional issues, one for private ones. They are connected via one notebook ("_interchange_notes"), in case I have to transfer notes from one account to another.

This works very well to me.


Kind regards,



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