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Copy share link & Open URL in browser not working?

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Using EN desktop Version 5.4.3 (402230) and OS X 10.9


A get a pop up window saying it's been copied to the clip board, but when I go to copy and paste it's always the last thing I had in my clip board and not the EN share link.


Same when I click to Open URL in browser. I get a pop up window saying it's been done, but then no browser opens. If I have a browser open and check the tabs there is no EN URL.


The 'Email note...' works fine.


I have tried closing and reopening EN and browser, but it did not help.


Any suggestions?

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Update: The problem I posted above are gone now that I switched from the Apple store version of EN to the direct download version of EN.




I decided to switch to the direct download for another reason, but then remembered the problems I posted about here too. 

So I tried the share link & open URL in browser features again after switching to the direct download and them features work for me now!


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