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"Unsupported Formatting" issue on Android





I've been told (following a support chat) to post on here a request to get the Android application up to scratch regarding formatting support. At the moment, neither the < hr > nor tables are supported in Android... quite a big issue IMHO.




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Hi.  We tend to refer a lot of folks to support,  so I guess it's just karma that they refer some back..  Not sure what they were expecting us to help with though - unless its just the point that feature requests made here get read by the developers for consideration in future versions..  At present the Android editor isn't a full-service operation;  it's for text notes and screen clips,  and some of the latter include HTML codings and other that aren't supported by the editor.  So you get an "unsupported format" warning.  Some of that can be fixed in the desktop editors,  which have more function (that's an OS thing and also depends on what desktop OS you have and what apps are installed).  Much can't.  There've been lots of calls for better editor options,  and presumably that's in a pipeline somewhere.  However Evernote don't share their route plan or delivery dates so all we can do is wait,  and find workarounds or other options...

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