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(Archived) importing excel files into Evernote

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More details needed please - what's your OS,  are you a free or premium user,  and what do you want to accomplish?


You could

  • link direct to the file from a note
  • attach an Excel file to a note and edit / re-save it in Excel on any device that has that software (or something that reads/ writes XLS? files)
  • cut and paste from a spreadsheet into a note
  • export the content to CSV and cut/ paste that into a note
  • export the content as a mail-merge and send it to your Evernote email address or create a file and attach that...

...there are several options,  but to describe them all in detail is impractical and some may be inappropriate to whatever you want to do.



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Sorry for the lack of detail


Running on and iPad with iOS7.4 and also on a WIn 7 Laptop (work and no admin rights) that has it loaded as an app in Chrome. I have Web clipper as well.


I have Dropbox on both devices.


Ideally would love to edit but viewing it as a note would be sufficient.

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Not a problem.  From what you say a cut and paste from the spreadsheet into a note should be easiest - depending on the size of the matrix.  You could also attach the spreadsheet file so you can open and edit it on any device that will read/ write the file.

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