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(Archived) Save Evernote Preferences

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Hi There,


I have been using Evernote for a while. I like the ease of customization for the Toolbar but I have a problem with it. I kept noticing that my customized version of the toolbar would stick around for a while but would eventually revert to the default layout. I finally realized that it happened every time Evernote updated to a new version. Since Evernote seems to update frequently(every few days sometimes), I finally gave up on customizing the toolbar and setting other preferences in Evernote because I knew they would be gone in a week or so. It still bothers me though that I am prevented from maintaining a reliable, stable control and preference layout between version releases of Evernote.


Is there a way to keep these preferences across version releases? If there is, it is not obvious. If not, the powers that be should consider that they are making the cusomitzation options prohibitively time consuming to maintain.




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