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(Archived) Initial warning message


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Hello Everybody,

I am using Evernote on Windows 8 and Android platforms.

When starting on W8 platform I obtain a warning message : " We note that XXXX has already an existing account synchronized with this computer". Select One database to use. 

The warning message is "roughly" translated from French.

Since I only opened one Evernote account, how is it possible to eliminate this warning message ?




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Thanks for your replies.

Sorry, I may have answered to a wrong topic.

I use Evernote with Windows8.1 not the touch version.

The message refers only to one database. I am a newbee with Evernote, I don't know how to list the databases.

The problem is still pending.


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I would have thought that if the message was asking you to choose one database,  it should have offered you something to click on - a choice of databases,  or an 'OK' or something.  I did have a similar message when I installed Evernote on a machine where I'd had a previous version working.  If you're sure that you don't have any information you need in another database,  I'd suggest uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote.  Use Revo Uninstaller to remove the app - it will take any other files or databases with it.  Make sure you don't have any local only notebooks or unsynced notes.  It's not hard to do the reinstall if you're careful,  and Evernote will rebuild your existing note database from their server.

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Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

Uninstalling Evernote does not solve the problem.

However I got the solution from Evernote :



Regarding your questions there´s only 1 database per user but this seems more like the Database is corrupted, for some reason the program is getting an internal conflict and we recommend you to do the following:

1. In Evernote, go to File > Logout "Username"
2. If Evernote has closed, please re-open it. You will now be on the Sign-In page.
3. Go to Evernote > Options (upper left-hand corner)
4. Click on the "Open Database files folder" button
5. Move the file with your username (ending in "exb") to a different location. For example, move it to your computer's desktop.
6. Sign In to Evernote with your username and password
7. Wait for your account data to synchronize to your machine from the service.


Miguel Ortega

These operation fixed the problem.
So we may consider this case as solved.
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