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(Archived) Alarm of EN is quite small


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I don't use windows, but I imagine a little notice pops up from the task bar at the bottom, no? This is

Retry standard, how much bigger do you need?

Push notifications require a lot of additional back end work, resources, and money. It is possible they are working on something but we just have to sit tight but not get our hopes up.

Reminders does need some work, I'm sure that it will evolve in the near future.

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Unless you happen to be at your PC when the reminder date and time trigger you will never see the notification window that pops up in the lower right corner and since this is where the sync message also shows I'm not sure I would even notice it as a reminder.  I wonder why they even bothered.


I agree there needs to be something persistent in the Windows UI that shows when a reminder event has passed.  They could utilize the activity element already on the toolbar or create a new reminder element for the toolbar which would be even better.

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