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(Archived) Constant Refresh/Reload in Firefox

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I've only recently noticed this, but maybe it's been this way for awhile.


I use Firefox and I notice that the Zendone tab never stops refreshing/loading. It appears to be fully loaded, but the indicator at the top just keeps spinning. At the bottom there is a browser notation that the site is "connected to platform.twitter.com", so I don't know if that is what the application is constantly connecting to or what. Seems very strange and, as always with a page that continues to load/reload, there is a constant drain on CPU & memory that concerns me.


Anyone else see this or have an answer?


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Are you referring to the Evernote Web Clipper? Yes, I do have that. I just disabled it and restarted Firefox and the cycling seems to have stopped. Why would my EN Web Clipper have any impact on ZD? I am using Firefox 26.0 on a Win XP machine.

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Additional note. I have re-enabled the Web Clipper and restarted FF a couple of times and the cycling of the Zendone page has not reoccured. Odd that it stopped when I disablled the Web Clipper, but hopefully it won't start again. Thanks for the response.

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