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(Archived) Multiple Inboxes on my iPhone (IOS7)


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I have a confusing problem. On my IPhone Evernote account I have got three inboxes. On my Mac desktop I have one and on my web account I also have one.


The three on my IPhone have the same name (!inbox)


On one !Inbox the latest "note" is dated 24/12/2012 and there are 187 notes, on another the latest date is 18/08/2013 (122 notes). On the third the latest date is today (13/12/2013) and after a sync all my latest notes are there (263 notes). The notes in the "older" inboxes do not appear to be in the one with the latest date. On my desktop there are 263 notes the same as my Web account.


Has anyone got any ideas as to why I have three inboxes on my IPhone,  and how do I merge/get rid of them without losing any notes?



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If you're happy that the web inbox has all your notes,  just uninstall the app from your iPhone and reinstall.  The server is the 'master' database and it will repopulate your iPhone with all your notes.

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