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(Archived) Note entry in iOS - start with the title


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(iOS7, EN 7.2.x)


When creating a new note in iOS, I want to enter the title first.  Often, my notes are title-only; even if they aren't, it just makes sense to entitle a note before writing it out.  EN's suggested titles are novel, but rarely useful.

It's an extra (and not entirely pleasant) step to tap on the narrow Title area to begin entry.


Let me enter the title in a nice, big space with big letters (imagine trying to get a simple note entered quickly in a crowded, bustling environment).





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So this is a work-flow specific request. I can certainly see from your workflow how title-first would be important, particularly in title-only notes.


However, thinking about many notes I make, I use it often to "jot things down" (many others are more "substantial" and carefully constructed so with these notes I don't care where my cursor begins as I am not in a rush). As such, the title of the note is not immediately important, it is the content of the thought I am trying to record before I forget or before the information I am trying to capture is no longer available (e.g., a powerpoint presentation moves to the next slide...)

I want the content NOW, i'll deal with the title later. So for example, it may be one line (like your title-only notes), I'll toss that one line down, and title it later (perhaps by cut/copy-pasting into the title field).


So I guess my main point is that there are a lot of ways this could be done each one equally advantaging/disadvantaging one workflow or another. What really matters more than anything is that the user can get the content somewhere as quickly as possible.


(While not the point of my posting here, I would argue the body-first method is ideal for all workflows even you title-only folk, but I'm biased because that is how I work :D ). 

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