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Outlook 2010


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I have had evernote for a while and I thought I had a plugin for my outlook 2010 so that when I right click the contents of my e mail goes directly to my evernote.  Something must have happened not its not there.

Am I imagining this?  I have also deleted and reinstalled my evernote and that did not work.

Hope you can help.

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I have the same in 2013. The option is there for onenote but not evernote, it's a great feature for onenote but I'm soon upgrading to the GalaxyNote3 which I believe has integration for evernote which is why Im looking for this feature as I use Outlook as my mail client.

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The Outlook Clipper works in our testing. A few tips that may help if there is no visible button in Outlook:

1) Check your plugin settings in Outlook and make sure Evernote is installed. 



2) If you have the Windows Evernote client installed and still cannot see the Outlook Clipper button try re-installing the Evernote client and:

- Make sure Outlook is completely closed (check task manager and make sure no outlook process is running)

- Make sure IE is completely closed (check task manager and make sure no iexplorer process is running)


Before you install the Evernote client. 


Let me know if that doesn't help. 

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I did what you said, Jbignert, still did not see an evernote button in my Outlook 2010.  I did a delete evernote and then a reinstall as per your instructions and still not button.  I know previously I had an evernote button in my outlook, what happened to it I do not know.

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I am having the same problem as...



I have re-installed Evernote 5 times and Outlook and IE were closed completed each time.  I just re-installed MS Office 2010.  No luck!  The Add In shows up in Outlook, but when I click to activate it it won't activate.  Under the COM Add-Ins window it says "Load Behavior: Unloaded" when I select Evernote.Outlook.


Thanks for your help.

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I've been using Evernote plugin for Outlook 2010 for quite a while to create a new note from my Calendar appointment.  Now I only have Evernote Clipper plugin, which is not as useful since it doesn't allow me to edit the Evernote file - I keep meeting notes as the meeting proceeds.  How do I recover my ability to create an Evernote note that I can edit?

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