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(Archived) Infuriating Search Bar Error in EN 5

Robert C.

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This error has been brought up before, and it's never been squarely addressed.  And it has not been fixed. 


Working on the PC client of Evernote.  When I use the search bar and select its suggestion under "tags," EN searches WORDS, not tags.  See attached screenshots. 


I know I can put in the advanced search text "tag:[seach term]" but that's not how the new search bar is supposed to work. It should search for tags when I select a tag under its suggestions.


Please assist.  



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Jefito -


If you recall, EN 4 had the notebook and tag search toolbar pull-down menus (I forget if they were there by default or by option).  With EN 5, they took those pull-downs out in favor of the present search box that pulls up suggestions for tags and folders.  That's a great idea, but it's bugged/broken. 

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Any number of reasons. As I've said, Evernote may not consider it to be a bug. Otherwise, they may have prioritized fixing it lower than other things that they are working on, or the proposed fix is harder to implement than it may appear to us from the outside. Such is the way of software.

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It's a bug. How could it NOT be?  All of the other dropdowns in EN (not to mention just about every piece of software I can think of) have dropdowns that alter the original input (i.e. what was typed into the searchbox).  Why would EN design a dropdown menu to work exactly like a dropdown is NOT supposed to work?  


What this bug does is fail to deliver the altering dropdown condition to the search string. That's it.  This is really basic programming stuff.  I'm willing to give EN the bounce on the ball on any number of things, but this is not some arcane operation.  The reason it's not fixed is because no one has sat down to fix it. 

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It's been months since this BUG was reported... oddly enough, I'm getting emails from evernote about backpacks and paper notepads... please fix this deal breaker rather than focus on non-essential retail products - with 11,000 notes, I can't search for them properly and Evernote hasn't been very useful because of that. 

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Another update came out today, another missed opportunity to fix this bug. 


Can someone from Evernote PLEASE explain what is up with this bug?  Why is it so hard to fix?  Do we know if it affects ALL pc clients or just a few?  Anything would be good. 

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