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(Archived) Searching PDF documents

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I'm a new user to Evernote.  I'm using it to file medical insurance vouchers in a medical office.  It would be easiest if I could search for patient names within the scanned vouchers (instead of adding their names by tags) and I understand that I need a paid subscription to Evernote to do this.  For HIPPA reasons, I have to keep all notebooks local.  If I get a paid subscription, would I be able to search PDF documents if they are only in local notebooks?


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Hi - are your PDF documents searchable,  or are you looking to have Evernote OCR the content?


If searchable,  I'd say it's worth a 1-month upgrade to Premium to find out whether Evernote can add the PDF searchable text to its local index. If you want Evernote to OCR the content,  then no:  that's only going to happen if the information is uploaded.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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