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(Archived) REQUEST for new functionality: DateTimeStamp button

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Not sure if this is the best place to request functionality, but saw others here so here goes: I use Evernote to document work on projects and work-efforts.  Some notes are used as work logs or status entry records and are updated daily or weekly with new entries inside of one general project note over the entire course of a project.  This works very well, however I have to manually enter Date and Time in front of each entry to establish chronology.   Would love to see a function button in the formatting row that enters a DateTimeStamp at the current cursor within the note or generates a DateTimestamp in front of entry (similar to checkbox or bullet feature).  Might also include current user for shared notebooks (assuming multiple people could make entry to a note), but not as critical as DateTimeStamp.


Thanks for considering!  


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Windows has a few ways to do that,  not sure about Macs.  Third Party mobile apps sometimes include the timestamp feature when pushing a new note to Evernote.  In all cases you have a 'created date' on the note to show exactly when it was set up...

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Yes the note itself is always DateStamped, but what I do is use one note over a time period (potentially months) for all project documentation/work logs.  I need each line in the note to have its own datetimestamp.  It looks like I would have to install a third party hotkey util to do that from win7, and no telling what I would have to do on my phone.  Just an idea I thought was worth sharing.  Thanks for the feedback.

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