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(Archived) Two PDFs - Combine via Evernote or Adobe Acrobat

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Hi All,


I am a new ScanSnap user (but have been using Evernote for a while).  


Workflow question.


Are there any drawbacks besides data consumption against monthly quota if I chose to merge two notes in Evernote to combine, versus opening up Adobe Acrobat and combining the files within that software.  It is far easier for me to merge the notes within Evernote.


I don't see any negatives (besides the data consumption), but wanted to check with you. 



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Hi.  If you combine notes externally with Adobe you'll get one coherent searchable file,  but take a hit on your upload allowance.  If you merge the notes you'll get two PDFs in one note which may be marginally less convenient,  and I don't actually know whether or not that will affect your upload score.  If you try it out,  please let us know!  Personally I'd do whichever's easiest and most convenient and fits in with the workflow.  Or just leave the two notes separate unless there's a major reason for merging them.

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