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(Archived) Feature Request: Shift-tab from Notes field to Tab field



Common situation:

- Title my new note

- Add one tag

- Tab to the Note field, realizing I forgot an important tag


OMG, now I have to use the mouse to get back! OK, so this isn't an enormous productivity inhibitor, but it would be nice to be able to shift-tab back to the tags field to continue typing tags. 


I'm not sure how this would work once you're actually in and typing the note. Tab inserts a tab, rather than moving to the next field. So it might be strange to have shift-tab take you out of the note. Then again, almost every time I want to use this feature it's before I've typed anything in the note field. 


Thanks for listening,


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Hmmm the only hang up I can see with this is that shift-tab also doubles as a way to move a bullet up one level, so that may be difficult to accommodate. 


In the meantime, because I also like to switch as little as possible between keyboard and trackpad, I experimented to see how to get around after you posted this. 


Check this out:

1) Tab forward into note editor field.

2) Shoot... need to add a tag

3) press ctrl-tab to get taken to the notebook selector

4) press ctrl-tab (or just tab) to tab into the tag editor. 


Unfortunately it does not look like ctrl-shift-tab works in the reverse. 


so the behaviour is a little odd, but there you go, ctrl-tab to your hearts content. 

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