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(Archived) Evernote changes the "creation" & "modified" data in files + maybe other

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I am Spanish, any weird construction of the sentences that may occur in my exposure of the problem could be because of translation problems. I may sound angry or mad but I am really not, sorry in advantage for that, I am a really happy user of EverNote with a recently purchased pro account and willing to upload all my documents as soon as I am able to upload them with the Created time on them.


I have seen a similar question here


but instead of providing a solution, the answer is to explain that “there is no need to save that original data in the file”, those are not the exact words but, it says that the notes does save the creation time of the note“dohhh”, and that if you upload many files, which one would you use as the note creation time?.


Ok that post was just to point out I am not the only one who thinks that loosing creation time or modified time in files it is a very big problem for people who depend of creation time of the files for many reasons that I don’t have to explain to anybody, it’s important to me and that is enough to take it under consideration for the developers or at least to provide an alternative to achieve that issue.





I have had many files been uploaded and downloaded for the past 10 years though many different services (ftp, mail, and recently those increasing cloud services (dropbox, google drive, etc)), and creation time never changes (except for some actions) most of the time it just doesn’t change after uploading and redownloading it, I know is not the same file, but most of those services takes the time to add to the copied file the modified and creation time of he original file to make a more exact copy of all the attached information inherent to the file though all its existence from the very first creation in the very first time, like for example: I take a picture, yeah it also lose the tags attach to them, geoposition, etc.


Instead of this behavior (getting the exact same file after uploading and downloading ) that I am expecting, what I get is a recently created file, I’ll put an example to explain myself clearer.


Maybe I am doing something wrong, this is what I do:

1. I create a note, it has the =now() time which is good, I want the note to have the creation time of the note and if I want to change that time, I also can (so here everything is good).

2. I attach a file to it, properties of my file in windows says:

FileName “Document_example.docx”,

Created:  December 26 June 2003, 08:29:56

Modified:  January 2004, 10:59:32


3. I upload it to evernote lets say yesterday December 10, 2013 at 17:30h,

4. I download it in another or same location with the available options I could find in EverNote, and imagining it’s the next day 11, 2013 at 18:00h, now the file information says

FileName “Document_example.docx”,

Created:  12 December 2013, 18:00:00

Modified:  12 December 2013, 18:00:00



It doesn’t have the original information (December 26 June 2003, 08:29:56), nor even the information from when I uploaded (December 10, 2013 at 17:30h), It has the download time information so this is pointless in many ways.


Sorry for the long post, the program is awesome but I wanted to make clear the importance for some people to preserve the created time of a file. It doesn’t matter how many files do I attach to a note I think the note should act as a storage folder for those files, like a folder from windows where the folder can have one created time (like the note in evernote) and the files under it can have their own creation time (like the files in a folder).


Thanks for your attention.

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The link you posted was about the creation dates of attached files not being searchable or sorted within Evernote.  If I understand you correctly,  you're pointing out that Evernote changes the create date of the file itself when it's copied from your computer into the note.  You don't mention whether you're using Mac or Windows,  and I don't know whether the situation is different depending on the OS,  but I think the only way you could guarantee to preserve the a date at present would be to include it in the actual name.  The date and time on the file aren't currently used within Evernote - they only allow users to see file details when viewing the note.  I can see that you could get file date changes when you move files around between OS folders and notes.  I don't think that's actually Evernote changing the file data - and I don't think it would be easy to define when file dates should stay the same,  and when they can change.  Meantime,  and if it's critical to your operations,  you're left with file names I'm afraid.

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Hello thanks for your reply


I currently use Windows XP, and in my SG3 I use Android 4.1.2.


I understand what you say and I will include the created time in the filename before uploading to EverNote so thanks for that tip.


However, it would be great if EverNote implements the folder behavior I talk about in the first post.


Thanks for your attention.

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